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In a 1999 that never was, a gamedev collective specialized in snappy board games and space opera ITEs (Interactive Theater Experiences) took way too long to get on with the times, joining the popular "Hypnospace" sleeptime service right after its biggest gaming zones got smushed into one and most of its userbase left for greener pastures. Unfortunate timing, but hey - if anything, they brought some cool stickers and desktop backgrounds. More of those never hurt, especially when they're free.

/// DEV NOTES ///
- While the page is more than complete as is, we do plan on adding more assets for the Fist World Volga sticker & BG packs. They're not ready yet, but the mod will be updated as soon as they're done.
- Furthermore, dedicated pages for Fist World Volga and Tremerine: Sea of The Stars may also pop up in the near future - that is a matter of time on my (Matt's) end, as I am currently entering my finals period.
- Lastly, the "Coming Soon" and "Current Projects" sections will be updated as we actually ship our projects IRL. Shardana: Hydro Trail GP is about halfway done, but we've been having less time to work on it as our schedule got busier recently.

While the "Data Sparrow Media Group" might be a product of this twisted retrofuture, the Data Sparrow collective existing in this reality has actually shipped the games described in this page! You can check'em out here if you find any of them interesting. We're also on Twitter and Wordpress (the latter is where we dump all the expanded lore for our games!).

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