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Hypnospace Outlaw

Modified content, additional content, and total conversions for Hypnospace Outlaw! Must have HypnOS v2.15 or above to create and use mods.

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Quick Start to Modding!

This guide will quickly show you how to create a simple page mod!

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If you are making a page for the Hypnocities mod, jump to the Hypnocities Section

Navigate to your mods folder
Example: C:\Users\username\Tendershoot\HypnOS\mods\ (Windows)

  1. Download this template file!
  2. Place the ZIP file in the mods folder and extract it!
  3. You should have a folder in the mods folder called "simplemodtemplate". If so you are done with this section!

Quick to do list:

  • Rename the template folder.
  • Head into the folder, open config.ini with a text editor and change it to your liking.

Once that's done, you have options to choose from:

  1. Create a page that's hidden but available throughout the game
  2. Create a page that's inside an existing zone (START HERE)

HS capture folders explanation:

The following are folders that correspond to the in game timeline. I will refer to the "hs" folders as "capture folders"

foldername - In game date

  • hs - Nov 5th
  • hsa - Nov 26th
  • hsb - Dec 31st
  • hsc - Years Later

Option 1: Unlisted page (Universal)

  1. Delete the hs, hsa, hsb folders
  2. Go into the ex folder and rename the folder inside to anything you want
  3. Navigate to your game install folder and open PageEditor and create the page!
  4. When you are done, Save it in "modname\ex\foldername"

Option 2: Listed Page (PREFERED METHOD)

  1. Delete the ex folder and/or any other capture folder you don't want
  2. Go in to one of the capture folders and create a zone folder with one the following names:
    01_hypnospace central
    02_the cafe
    03_goodtime valley
    05_coolpunk paradise
    06_starport castle dreamstation
    07_open eyed
    08_hspd headquarters
  3. Navigate to your game install folder and open PageEditor and create the page!
  4. When you are done, Save it in the zone folder! Go to step 5 if you have more than ONE capture folder.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3. Go to Step 6 IF you want that one page to exist through out the game
  6. Copy what's in one capture folder and paste it to the rest.

Once you have all that, You are done!

Test your mod in game!

  1. Start your game
  2. On the save select screen, hover over your save and click on MODS
  3. check your mod, click on done and load your save!


Hypnocities Guideline

  1. The mod takes place in the Dec 31st Capture so your page(s) will be only be found on Dec 31st.
  2. You may mention any date between Nov 26th - Dec 31st but lore wise, Your page(s) ONLY existed since Nov 27th.
  3. No references to pages before Nov 26th.

Making a page for the HypnoCities mod

  1. Navigate to your game install root folder. Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hypnospace Outlaw (Windows-Steam)
  2. Look for PageEditor in that folder and open it (double click)
  3. Create your page.
  4. When you are done click save and save it on to your desktop (or any location). It will be saved as a .hsp.
  5. Click this link and upload your page. (.hsp)
  6. Once you are done, please wait till the next update!


Simple tricks:

  • For linking other pages, select a text or picture element. In the link/scripting section type the path to the other folder.
    Example: hs\02_the cafe\page.hsp
  • To add a tag to a page, click the PIZZA tab and in the description section type: >CUSTOMTAGNAME
    There must be a space before the > for it to register
    Example: >cool
  • To add line breaks in text type: /n
    Example: text/ntext
  • To add player name to text type: /p
    Example: Welcome /p to my page

For more in-depth look into modding please refer to these OFFICIAL guides:





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