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Hypnospace Outlaw

Modified content, additional content, and total conversions for Hypnospace Outlaw! Must have HypnOS v2.15 or above to create and use mods.

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Video Tutorials for Modders

Page Builder, Sequencer, and more!


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Videos via Jay Tholen's YouTube channel: Youtube.com

NOTE: The Hypnospace Outlaw modding tools have been updated since these videos were made!

You can access the Page Builder and the Tune Sequencer in the same root folder as Hypnospace Outlaw on Steam, or you can download the tools here and put them wherever you like. Please make a copy of your Hypnospace Outlaw "data" folder and put it somewhere else, then direct the tools to that copy of the folder. That way you're not messing with assets affecting your copy of the game!

Page Builder Tutorial:

Tune Sequencer Tutorial:

Making Crusty Old Graphics:


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WheatleyToast @wheatleytoast

These are very useful tutorials. Thank you Jay, very cool!

Narifia @narifia

I have a question about the Page Builder: I'm trying to add in my own custom animated gifs. I take the separate frames and put them in a folder in the data/images/gifs folder, and they show up in the Page Builder and animate just fine in the preview window. But when I try to add the gif to the page itself, I get the red box with the X in it. Any help? :/

Edit: Screenshot here: Imgur.com

Edit Edit: The same thing happens with static images :(

Nikkilak @nikkilak

cant use capital letters in the filenames