Hypnospace Outlaw

Kobalt HypnOS Patch for Hypnospace Outlaw

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Published by Tom.K (mod ID: 74228)


This patch will apply various fixes and changes to improve HypnOS experience.

Developed by: Tom.K

Installation: Install the mod.
Uninstallation: Uninstall the mod.

Note: Some fixes may be minor, non-canon, outdated and/or incomplete. Behavior of some pages might change, so take caution. Some changes might not be listed.

List of changes (May contain spoilers!):

Since 2020-02-14:

- Updated post-install message in some installers.
- Fixed CP_SHAMAN's FLIST page ownership.
- Removed 2 links to sacredmouth music from FatherFungus's FLIST page and a link to an inaccessible manifesto file.
- Updated Corey's zane sucks club page after Nov 27 to consider apology.
- Updated Abby's Gumshoe Gooper pages by restoring images and prevent violations on Dec 31.
- Updated Abby's speaking her piece to include minor update.
- Updated Reginald's page to prevent violations on Dec 31.
- Removed music from Pete's removed page on Dec 31.
- Updated HypnoMall to include extra stickers, themes and more.
- Updated Zane's secret pages to remove incorrect enforcements on content.
- Updated Tiff's attention page to update the incident status on Dec 31.
- Redirected Tim's Mindcrash link on his home page to Mindcrash control panel for easier access.¸
- Updated Gus's last portal to hide status.
- Updated Sherri's pages to avoid extralegal violations and include minor changes.
- Updated Beefbrain pages to provide additional health warnings.

Since 2020-01-18:

- Fixed zone link styles on Hypnospace Central on Dec 31.
- Virtual Pet Guide / Tips are now official part of Hypnospace Guides.
- Added Abby's Gumshoe Gooper short story and coming soon page on Dec 31.
- Removed beefbrain link on Carl's Lisa page on Dec 31.
- Fixed Dylans's "Go back" link on music list.
- Fixed Gus's last portal.
- Removed Sandy's and Reginald's messages related to picking on Abby from Nov 5 on Dec 31.
- Renamed Tamara's page in Starport Castle Dreamstation from "Coolpunk" to "Fantasy".

Since 2020-01-01:

- Added music to HypnoCoin guide page
- Added music to pet tips guide to fit April's page music
- Added music (The Gizmo Factory) on SamWich encryption info page by GearHeadGregg
- Added music to Dec 31 zones
- Fixed error page layout by removing user
- Fixed zone selectors to keep consistent look for Hypnospace Central zone
- Fixed survey music with default zone music (some pages were set to "artie-globalgroove.hsm"), fixed sound on 2nd question
- Fixed Dylan's page navigation to scroll to proper position
- Fixed tour dates link on artists page of Esotonic Records, added music on Nov 26 and Dec 31 for other pages
- Fixed link for people dying in Lookout Ministries on Nov 5
- Fixed related link to WITW is Hypnospace on WITW is Sleeptime page
- Fixed The Comic Shop tombstone popup in The Freelands
- Removed 5-6 missing (?) images from Pete's poems page
- Removed "Hypnotext" on zane's page






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