Hypnospace Outlaw

Kobalt VargLaugh for Hypnospace Outlaw

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Published by Tom.K (mod ID: 1964626)


This thing will constantly play laughs from Vinesauce Joel / Vargskelethor.

Developed by: Tom.K

Installation: Installer will be downloaded when mod gets installed or re-installed in case you delete download.
Uninstallation: Virus will be cured (but not removed from quarantine) and installer will be removed when mod gets uninstalled.

Laughs are from Vinesauce Joel \ Vargskelethor and they were taken from Laughing Assemblage (Part 1) by Spice Wench available at Youtu.be

They were processed a bit with noise removal and inconsistent cuts, I've tried to avoid putting anything else other than the laugh itself.

I don't want to imagine trying to process all 9 parts (especially the last one...), so for now enjoy at least the first part.

Note: This might be unstable due to insufficient testing and it may crash HypnOS for no reason. Use at your own risk.




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