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Kusabi Tetsugoro's Sleeptime Ramblings for Hypnospace Outlaw

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In a 1999 that never was, the 24th Ward of Tokyo is shaken by a series of homicides which appear to be all be tied to a single man: Kamui Uehara, a serial killer of near-mythical fame. Among the men and women following his trail of blood is one Kusabi Tetsugoro, the oldest active member of the 24th Ward's Heinous Crimes Unit.

Unfortunately for him, things haven't been going too well on the job - something which his daughter Toriko noticed fairly soon. Spending several months saving up money, she eventually managed to get her father a present: a "HypnOS Headband" imported from the US. Kusabi, while never having been a fan of this kind of tech gadgets, can't really refuse the first gesture of genuine affection his daugther made towards him in years - so he begrudgingly dons the strangely spongey headband and finally enters the new millennium.

These are his sleeptime ramblings.

Set during the final acts of Grasshopper Manufacture's The Silver Case, this page set is a "what if" scenario in which Kusabi Tetsugoro decides to "go online" and jot down his thoughts regarding several events of his character arc. Everything is kept as vague as possible to avoid direct spoilers, and effort was made to weave together the Silver Case and Hypnospace Outlaw's narratives just enough for these pages to not seem completely out of place.

/// CONTENTS ///
This mod contains:
- A new user page for Goodtime Valley that expands over the course of the story, reflecting the events happening at the same time in The Silver Case.
- Four sub-pages accessible from the homepage containing Kusabi's "ramblings".
- A hidden secondary page betraying Kusabi's willingness to get savvy (and maybe a little dirty) if it comes to paying back his debts. Come find it if you can, Enforcer!




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