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Michael the Cockroach for Hypnospace Outlaw

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Published by Spanospy (mod ID: 63383)


This mod adds in a new pet, Michael the Cockroach.

Why adopt Michael, you ask?

  • Does not need to be fed or kept happy - He does that by himself!
  • Regularly dances for your amusement!
  • Special surprises no other pet provides!

You don't even need to buy and download the pet! It is added directly to your desktop for easy installation!

Comes with a settings menu for customising him however you please!

Adopt this groovy companion today!

WARNING: I am not responsible for excessive usage of this HypnOS pet.

It is advised that you do not delete the Roach Limiter.

Michael is a work-in-progress, so please do give feedback, suggestions and bug reports.

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actuallylezuskonrad @actuallylezuskonrad

first and only unless nobody uses mod.io and releases their **** on the discord instead

Toab @toab

I'm just browsing Hypnospace. Not much to do as usual, but something catches my eyes. I see a new pet released named "Michael the Cockroach" and so I download it. I opened the file, and suddenly, my computer gets filled with dancing cockroaches. I desperately try to close them all, but to no avail, the cockroaches kept appearing. I get weaker and weaker, until I died quietly in my sleep. In heaven, I see multiple people who were affected by the dancing roaches. We all live in harmony and play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. 10/10 mod, definitely would recommend.

(random) @random1606

help cockroach wont steop dancing