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Michael the Cockroach for Hypnospace Outlaw

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Published by Spanospy (mod ID: 63383)

Michael the Cockroach History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash

Dec 31 2019 - 1.2.0

* Added safety checks to prevent OS being swarmed by duplications of Michael upon logon.
* Identified issue with Michael's volume if he appears multiple times in quick sucession, or in certain OS state conditions. This cannot be fixed by the mod.
* Due to previously mentioned safety checks and issues, it is advised that you do not delete the Roach Limiter.

Nov 27 2019 - 1.1.0

* Michael now has a restraint that prevents him from duplicating himself.
* Added an app that will allow the user to toggle restraint, change the frequency of his dances, and debug Michael.

Nov 25 2019 - 1.0.1

* Michael will now dance more regularly.

Nov 24 2019 - 1.0.0

First public release version.